Images of illness on the museum’s walls: representations of disease in contemporary visual arts

Effie Komninou (City University London)
CPM Award Lecture, delivered May 2006

Download the full paper here (PDF).

Hence I cannot give you what I thought I was writing for you –that is what I must acknowledge: the amorous dedication is impossible (I shall not be satisfied with a worldly or mundane signature, pretending to dedicate to you a work that escapes us both). The operation in which the other is to be engaged is not a signature. It is more profoundly an inscription: the other is inscribed, he inscribes himself within the text, he leaves there his (multiple) traces… it is true that this mute figure is an angel.

—Roland Barthes, ‘The Dedication’ in A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, London: Penguin Books, 1990, p.79

Effie Komninou is a PhD candidate, School of Arts, City University. She holds a BA in Photography and an MA (honours) in Arts Criticism and Management. She has been working as an independent writer and curator in Greece and her work has been published in journals such as Third Text and Futures. Projects she is currently working on are: the curation of a graphic design exhibition called Mapping (Europe) exploring ideas of  the representation of borders in media culture (May 2007, Athens, Greece) and a retrospective of jazz photographer Guy Le Querrec (European Jazz Festival, June, 2007, Athens).


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