Issue no. 1

Issue 1 (June 2007) contains three articles, the first of which is the text of the May 2006 CPM Award Lecture, ‘Images of illness on the museum’s walls: representations of disease in contemporary visual arts’ by Effie Komninou (City University London).

The two other articles are by Anna Woodham (University of Leicester) and Kimberly Keith (Goldsmiths, University of London). Their respective papers, ‘Museums and Social Inclusion: Exploring the geography of school visits to museums’ and ‘Putting the ‘Public’ in Public Programs: An Inclusive Approach to Program Development in Museums’, are the first of five to be published based on presentations given at Revealing All: an annual symposium for research students in cultural policy and management. The first of these symposia was held at Somerset House in December 2006.

Neither the Department of Cultural Policy and Management nor the Editors are responsible for views expressed by authors or cited from other sources. All inaccuracies are the responsibility of the author.

© 2007


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